Anime Challenge Progress

To help keep track of the progress I’ve made for my anime challenge this year, I’ve made a handy graphic which you can find below.

I’ll update this as I watch more, but if I’m behind on reviews the graphic will give you a hint as to what I’ll post about next.

Which review are you anticipating?



7/31: 11 Series finished with 5 months left to go!

8/4: Finished another, bringing the total to 12.

8/13: Another series done (it was great), and a new background.

8/28: Halfway done with less than 4 months to go. Will I make it?

9/12: I haven’t updated this in a little while, but I’ve been busy (watching anime)!

9/22: Replaced Kaneki’s picture with one more in the anime style and got a couple more anime under my belt.

10/16: Finished the winning series from the 2nd poll and updated the graphic

11/12: Getting to this update late, but there are only 4 anime left to complete in  less than 2 months

12/4: At the final stretch with only 1 series left!

12/15: FINISHED!!!

5 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Progress

Add yours

    1. The graphic needs updated but I’m at 22. Almost there, but review writing is cutting into my time pretty hard. I’m trying to get more efficient with it though, practice practice practice!


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