Poll: What should I watch next? Part 2

Hello friends! A while back, I asked everyone to help me pick which series I should watch next for my anime challenge.

The winner of that poll ended up being Psycho Pass, which I enjoyed watching a lot. I also watched the runner ups from that poll: Noragami and Pet Girl of Sakurasou. Now that I’m done with those, and considering how well it went last time, I’m turning to you again to help me pick my next series.

Check out the picture links below for any series you might not be familiar with. Once you’ve decided on one, cast your vote in the poll underneath.

Just one note if you decide to vote ‘Other.’ It’s unlikely that your choice will be picked because other people will have to type in the same title, but I will look into all the suggestions and possibly add them to my list. Please adhere to the following criteria when you write in your suggestion:

  • Complete (finished) series
  • Available for (preferably free) legal streaming
  • Pick something I haven’t watched yet

Happy voting!


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