What should I watch next? Part 2: Results!

A week ago, I asked you all to help me pick the next series I would watch and review for my Anime Challenge. 74 votes later, the results are in!

The winner, in what is perhaps the most stunning come from behind victory in the history of weekendotaku polls is…..







Just kidding. Poor Phoenix Wright didn’t get a single vote. I really hope that was because it was up against tough competition and isn’t just a terrible anime. Anyway, the real winner probably won’t surprise you. With over 20% of the votes it was:



As promised, this will be the next one on my queue. Second place went to Ergo Proxy, with A Lull in the Sea taking third. Full results are below.

Some of the ‘other’ suggestions were quite interesting. Ultimate Survivor Kaiji looks especially cool, though I think I’ll have to wait until next year before I tackle the beast that is Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. A special thanks to whoever keeps suggesting Boku no Pico in these polls. I understand it may be your favorite, but it’s not a full series and thus doesn’t work for my challenge  😛

If you’re looking forward to my review for Erased, I may leave you waiting a while. Currently my ‘watched’ list is far ahead of my ‘reviewed list,’ which you can see in the below graphic, though I’ll try to finish Erased before I watch any others.



That’s all for this one. Thank you to everyone who voted! Are you pleased with the results? If your pick wasn’t in the top 3, I’ll still hear your case for it in the comments below to include it in my challenge this year.



5 thoughts on “What should I watch next? Part 2: Results!

Add yours

  1. Not surprised Erased won, but I really wanted Aldnoah.zero to XDD I haven’t watched Erased yet but I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, so interested to see how you’ll like the series.

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  2. I’m pretty excited that Erased won, though I voted for Ano Natsu de Matteru! My argument is that it is suppose to be a mix of comedy, drama, and slice of life. What better “feel good,” yet exciting mix of genre could you possibly find?

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