Winter 2017 Viewing Party

As mentioned in my upcoming features announcement, I will be doing episodic reviews of certain anime series for the Winter 2017 season. Joining me in this task is my wife and viewing partner, KimmieKawaii.

Kimmie runs a cute and informative blog of her own, so please take some time to visit and get acquainted: Inner Thoughts of an Extrovert.

The Super Otaku Busters Viewing Party (temporary name) will be guided by a set of rules, because rules are important and should be followed (and broken when it’s more fun for everyone). We’re weren’t going to have time for every show this season, so after an intense battle to decide what to watch, we settled on a draft pick. If the other person doesn’t want to watch the show, well that’s too bad for them!

The Rules:

  1. Pick 5 anime series each (no duplicates) premiering during the Winter 2017 season.
  2. If a streaming site doesn’t license one of our picks, we’ll choose another series from our list of alternative choices.
  3. No sequels if we haven’t seen previous iterations. For this season that unfortunately disqualifies all sequels. Does Gintama count?  :/
  4. Watch at least 3 episodes before deciding on whether or not to drop the series.
  5. Both must weigh in on all the series during a weekly episode review.If one of us wishes to drop a series, but the other opts to keep watching, both must keep watching and reviewing each week.

After secretly listing the top five series we wanted to watch this season, we unveiled them to one another, beginning with our first pick. As you’ll read in my thoughts below, both Kimmie Kawaii and I had chosen two of the same series; resulting in us swapping a couple series in our original lists. With that in mind, here is how our draft came out:

Image showing seasonal anime chart
Original chart by Zana @


weekend otaku blog emblemWeekendOtaku’s picks

  1. Youjo Senki (English: Saga of Tanya the Evil) – Military, evil girl, and mayhem. This look kind of like Hellsing to me, so I like the aesthetic feel of it. The trailer also looks like it has some WWI-ish scenes which are an instant draw for me. It could very well be ridiculous if they try too hard to make Tanya menacing, but there’s potential here.
  2. Little Witch Academia – I chose this because I thought the movies were good. Don’t ask me why little school witches are entertaining to me. I’m just going to fall back on the fact that it’s done by Trigger, so I have a feeling it will be enjoyable.
  3. Chiruran: Nibun no IchiChibi looking animation aside, it’s about Japan’s Edo period and the Shinsengumi so I have to give it a try. I’m approaching with caution as I could easily get annoyed by the art, but I hope it’s good.
  4. ACCA 13-Ku Kansatsu-ka – The studio is the primary reason I chose this, since the description and trailer are a little vague. It looks like some sort of inspector drama, but I don’t know much beyond that. I have yet to see Madhouse title I didn’t like, though.
  5. Onihei – Another historical anime, this time with a Seinen tag. It’s also an Edo period story, I believe, so I wanted to make sure we watched this. I expect the samurai elements of a Rourouni Kenshin but more serious, like the Kenshin OVAs

Alternates: Fuuka, Hand Shakers

KimmieKawaii’s thoughts: I’m looking forward to both Youjo Senki and Onihei since anime with historic elements have always fascinated me.  I’ll likely enjoy Little Witch Academia too, though I’m not sure how much to expect yet in the way of plot. The trailer for ACCA 13 left me with a 70’s James Bond vibe, so while I’m open to watching it, I’m not sure how much I’ll appreciate the story or animation. Finally, I’m not sold on Chiruran. Anytime I see chibi animation, my brain instinctively screams “childish.” Regardless, I’m willing to approach this series with an open mind.

Kimmie kawaii blog emblemKimmieKawaii’s picks

  1. Granblue Fantasy The Animation – What immediately caught my eye, while watching the trailer, was the gorgeous animation style. Given that the production studio is A-1 Pictures, I anticipate the animation will remain breathtaking throughout the season. Also, fantasy-esque plots always appeal to me.
  2. Kuzu no Honkai (English: Scum’s Wish)- First of all, the English title is Scum’s Wish, which the five year old in me found hilarious. With that said, the premise reminded me of a dramatic version of Toradora. Two students feigning love for one another, while being secretly in love with others.  The twist to this story is that the two teens are in love with their teachers. I’m anticipating a heavy amount of drama and heartache.
  3. Chaos;Child – While this may technically classify as a sequel to Chaos;Head, this series seems as though it can be viewed as a stand alone.  Though it’s predecessor ranked relatively low on MAL (6.28), the action, crisp visuals, and sci-fi narrative have me curious enough to tune in.
  4. Masamune-kun’s Revenge – Sometimes it is healthy for us to indulge in our guilty pleasures. That is exactly why I chose this series.  A slice of life comedy centered around two people who absolutely despise each other = awkwardly amazing love story!  Though the plot may have some people rolling their eyes, I’m eager to gratify my need for improbable romance scenarios.
  5. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (English: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid) – If you are thrown off by the title, this series is exactly what it sounds like — a literal dragon for a maid. I’m prepared to regret this choice, since slapstick humor doesn’t normal appeal to me. With that said, the trailer for this series made me laugh several times. So, if I embark on this experience anticipating nothing in the way of plot, I may end up enjoying this purely for the sake of ‘feel good humor.’

Alternates: ēlDLIVE, Urara Meirochou

Weekend Otaku’s Thoughts:I had Kuzu no Honkai as my 3rd pick, but Kimmie got it before me. Granblue was an alternate for me, so I’m fine there too. Both Masamune-kun and Dragon Maid look cute, and the trailer for Dragon Maid is pretty funny, so I’ll probably enjoy them. Chaos;Child is the only one I’m not sure about. The other 5pb adaptation Chaos;HEAD wasn’t well received but Steins;Gate is widely lauded. I’ll keep an open mind in any case.


We will start reviewing as the shows come out and try to include them in a weekly post on the same day each week, (or maybe a couple days late). You can feel free to weigh in on your own thoughts in the comments. Do you agree with one of us over the other?


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    1. Our tastes have been aligning more since we’ve been watching more together, but we do disagree sometimes. Hopefully we’ll keep it civil on wordpress 😀

      So far we watched Masamune-kun last night. Youjo (Tanya the evil) debuts tonight, so we’ll see how it goes.


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