Gaming Expo Unveils World’s Largest Evangelion Statue

I don’t post a lot of news on this blog since I don’t keep up with it as well as some others around here, but given that this was about EVA it caught my attention.

The ChinaJoy gaming expo unveiled a nearly 25 meter tall statue (though still a lot smaller than the standard Eva height) in Shanghai, China last summer. Designed by the game developer heitao, it’s Guiness certified as the largest Evangelion statue in the world.

Evangelion statue at the expo site

The height achievement of the statue is thanks to the Lance of Longinus weapon in its right hand. Crounched over, the EVA itself is about 13 meters high. If it somehow stood up, it could probably get to 25 meters, though  😛

The work in progress photos are quite amazing as well. If you’re bad at estimating height (or area, or volume, or anything) like I am, the people down there by the knee give you a sense of how large it is.

Statue with painting in progress

Hideaki Anno is listed as the statue’s owner, though I don’t know what that means aside from having his name on the record. Maybe he wants to have it crouching by his house after the expo is done with it?

You can see the full article at Anime News Network


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