ēlDLIVE episode 2

“Super Cool Space Girl”


After being assigned to a night shift aboard the Solar System District Station, Misuzu gives Chuuta a tour of the ship, which he learns houses the alien prisoners they apprehend. Shortly after their shift begins, a prisoner breaks free from its cell and teleports to Earth. The goal? To kill as many people as possible. Misuzu and a reluctant Chuuta are tasked with apprehending the creature before any tragedy can occur.


While episode 2 did little to further the plot, progression was made in character and world development. Misuzu’s industrious, no-nonsense nature causes frequent clashes with Chuuta’s timid, uncertain attitude. Adding to Misuzu’s unsavory opinion is the whispered conversations Chuuta has with the Monitalien creature that dwells inside him. Since the creature, nicknamed ‘Dolugh’ is invisible to everyone else, Chuuta appears to be conversing with himself. This leads to others labeling him as eccentric and perverted.

On a complete side note, viewers also learn that because Chuuta shares his body with Dolugh, they have a connection known as SPH. This means that if Dolugh is injured, Chuuta will also feel pain. Similarly, Chuuta’s emotional state can be interpreted by Dolugh, sometimes causing the creature to react based what Chuuta is feeling towards a situation.

With each episode, Chuuta’s personality continues to grow. It seems shounen anime fall victim to fearless protagonists, readily meeting any challenge head on. ēlDLIVE depicts a more realistic reaction for someone suddenly thrust into a role and forced to confront terrifying situations; especially without any training. Chuuta is nervous and uncertain, comparing himself to Misuzu’s superior abilities and questioning if he can positively contribute to the force. Given the plot, this slow progression of realizing his potential and building the courage to overcome intimidating obstacles is far more fitting for Chuuta’s character.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the interstellar world is beginning to take shape too. Viewers learn that the Solar System District Station is responsible not just for apprehending and housing criminals, but also for conducting investigations, research, and rehabilitation. Though not much else is really explained, it will be interesting to see how these different divisions operate and what impact it will have on the overall plot.

– Character development and world building
– Main protagonists’ reactions are realistic and relatable.

– Unclear what (if any) the goal for this series is.


After Chuuta is Shinji’d into joining the ēlDLIVE force in the last episode, his classmate and now co-worker Misuzu basically tells him for an entire episode that he can just go right home if he’s having second thoughts about any of this. Her coldness is yet unexplained, aside from her assured claims that, worse than talking to himself all the time, he is some kind of pervert. It doesn’t help that Chuuta has some unfortunate timing where she is involved and always manages to blurt out something that she’s bound to take the wrong way. Some commentary on the part of his symbiotic Monitalien, Dolugh, points out that the two have a stronger than normal reaction to one another. Chuuta agrees that he gets vexed by her comments, which is a sign of the bond that is likely to come later on if the first episode didn’t make it clear enough.

The escaped prisoner is another test for Chuuta, albeit not a deliberate one. His hesitant, but ultimately decisive, choice to assist Misuza feel natural enough for him at this point in time, with Dolugh once again acting as his nagging conscience when he prefers to let the people who actually know what they’re doing handle it. Indeed, even with Dolugh’s help Chuuta is outmatched this time around, showing that their “Sympathy” attack won’t be an effective solution to all their encounters (or maybe Chuuta just wan’t imaginative enough this time? Don’t know yet).

Misuza’s thankfully is there to pick up the slack, but not before a magical girl transformation sequence gives her the extra oomph to take him down. This, along with her Naruto style running earlier, makes me wonder what the show is trying to do with her character. It’s a bit too early to tell what her place will be in the story, but her sense of superiority over Chuuta is sure to see them butting heads for a while.

– Chuuta is holding up as a good vehicle for the audience’s POV
– The goofiness is still pretty amusing
– More creative screen transitions

– Misuzu is hitting a lot of cliched tropes. Hoping a solid identity forms out of them soon.

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  1. I found this episode a little bit of a step backward for the show. After a rough start in episode 1 it got better by the end but most of this episode just felt somewhere between not so good and passable. It would be nice to see Misuzu get some sort of character development because she’s on screen a lot and so far pretty boring.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I don’t disagree with your comparison between ep1 and 2. They’re still doing some setup for the setting and characters and at this point it’s still only a 12 ep series, so they needed to do some info dumping via Misuzu to get things moving.

      That said, I think we should expect to see a lot more of her, so it will be unfortunate if she isn’t given a little more development. I feel like we got a little hint when Chuuta said something about prisoners being given a second chance and she spat back with “what do you know about it?” The next episode might give us some more solid reasoning behind her rivalry with Chuuta.

      Dolugh humorously might have summed up your feelings. He said something to Chuuta along the lines of “I thought you accepted this and reconciled your past” Roughly interpreted: “Didn’t we already do this hesitation thing last week, Chuuta?”

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    2. Great point about Misuzu’s character. I’m interested to see another side of her too. Hopefully the next couple of episodes will begin to flesh out her character a bit more.

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