ACCA: 13 Territory Inspection Dept. – episode 2

“The Partner In Crime’s Name Is Nino”


Nino, a high school friend and drinking companion of Jean’s, is a private investigator turned journalist. Whenever possible, Nino attempts to help Jean crack cases, so when Jean mentions to that he thinks someone is watching him, Nino is swift to come to his rescue. Despite these attempts to uncover the secret agent tailing Jean, viewers soon discover that all may not be as it seems. In the meantime, Jean manages to find his lighter and audits a district known for its food.

Weekend Otaku

The series continues with its slow buildup this week as it goes onward with Jean’s audits and a meeting with his longtime friend, Nino, but not before a small lecture on Dowa’s history. It’s an amusing way to educate the viewer with what is probably relevant information for future episodes, and also explains the red bird imagery. It’s all rather simple, but doesn’t last too long either way. Jean goes on to perform another audit and closes in on the officer who took his lighter.

His interaction with the officer, Rail, is interesting in many ways. He reveals plenty of secretive information about Rail and coaxes the officer’s reason for targeting him (a misconception that Jean is rich) but doesn’t bat an eye at his rage. He simply shows Rail where he went wrong and goes on his way, deciding against the need to take action. It’s another sign of how sharp Jean is, especially against those that underestimate him.

Jean’s trust in his reporter friend, Nino, is another telling facet of his character. He enlists Nino’s help when he feels like he’s being watched, relying on their history together over his superiors in the department. Whether he knows it or not (he probably does) that turns out to be a wise decision since Grossular names him as being involved in planning another coup d’etat and reveals the insider operative assigned to tail him.

The building intrigue hooked me this episode. With the organization out to get Jean, trying to keep his head down and go about his work won’t be enough. His formidable opponents likely won’t break as easily as Rail did though. The style, which I found simplistic at first, is growing on me too. All in all, I’m pretty eager for the next episode.

– More of Jean’s calm wit on display
– Subtle dialogue seems to be building the plot

– Still quite slow


So this episode began with a bit of an information dump, though it really wasn’t too much to process. I’ll spare you all boring details. Long story short, ACCA is an independent civilian organization due to autonomy given to each of the 12 districts after they rebelled against the former king.

With the narrative becoming more detailed and the fog of mystery rising, I should be completely intrigued by ACCA. Sadly, as with the premiere, I simply can not muster enthusiasm for this series. Whether it is the tedious pacing or dry character personalities, I can’t be sure.  What I do know is that I find myself checking the time every episode to see how much longer till it’s over.

There was one highlight from the series with this guy below…

Doesn’t this guy (on the left) from ACCA  look like Tin Tin?!?!?

While I’m still holding out that ACCA will suddenly have some gripping action, its more likely that the rest of the series will just be Jean smoking cigarettes and commenting on how expensive they are.

– Detailed history on ACCA (though via dull info. dump)
– Tin Tin made a cameo!, err… sort of.

– The dull personalities of the characters is truly disappointing.


Weekend Otaku

I’m tempted to force ask Kimmie to re watch this so she can better appreciate it, but she probably won’t go for that.


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  1. I’m really enjoying this. It is definitely slow moving but there’s just so many small details and possibilities for the characters at the moment. I’m really hoping it manages to build to a climax that feels rewarding.

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    1. I’m with you there. The slow pace actually helps if that’s what they’re trying to do. A lot of these little details would get missed with a faster paced presentation. It’s too early to tell exactly what direction they’re going to take, but there is potential for something really good.

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