Gabriel Dropout – Episode 3

“Friends, Work, and the Summer of Bugs”


Gabriel picks up a job at a coffee shop to get some extra money and takes advantage of her overly forgiving boss. Meanwhile Vignette makes an effort to get to know Raphiel better but finds that she’s kind of scary. Later on, a broken AC unit leaves Gabriel in a foul mood.


While I wasn’t expecting much from Gabriel Dropout, I assumed by this point the audience would see a trace of transformation in Gabriel’s character. Let’s recap what viewers learned this week:

  • Gaming is an expensive hobby that requires income; though working only once a week should suffice.
  • If you have language barrier, it’s more than acceptable to be incessantly rude.
  • Quitting your job to open a coffee shop and travel the world to select “the finest coffee beans” is a completely sustainable career move.
  • Setting the audio and subtitles on a movie to the same language to compare the two is fun way to pass the time.
  • Satania is ‘taste deaf.’ Also, taste deaf is a thing.
  • Holy light keeps things family friendly.

Image of coffee shop owner remarking on Gabriel's language barrier

Needless to say, I’m glad WeekendOtaku and I have finished the “mandatory three” rule, meaning are allowed to drop a series after watching three episodes, for Gabriel Dropout. Aside from a bit of humor, there isn’t much worthwhile about this series. Because of this, it is increasingly difficult to grasp onto something to review about each episode. The reviews end up being a summary of the episode and, for weekly viewers, there is no merit in rereading something you’ve already watched.

– Entertaining humor with well timed punchlines.

– Premise has seen little growth.


Micro-transactions don’t pay for themselves, as Gab explains when she takes a job that she has no motivation to do properly, or more than once a week. The owner of the shop is more understanding than anyone could ask for, giving her incompetence and laziness the benefit of the doubt at every turn though he is himself incredibly passionate about his work. Gab’s perpetually bored expression makes it clear that viewers shouldn’t expect much out of her here either. Satania’s sudden desire to try a coffee shop further adds to the poor owner’s woes when her and Gabriel’s bickering reveals how little they care about coffee. Also, is the closed eyes coffee guy a thing now?

Image of coffee guy and Yoshimura from Tokyo Ghoul


An unspecified amount of time later, Gabriel laments her broken AC unit, as well as the mosquitoes that are drawn to the resulting humidity. Her irritation gets to extreme levels when Satania picks the wrong time to pester her. Gab makes her way to Vign’s place in search of cool air and immediately imposes on her hapless friend. The scene seems designed to show us that heaven looks after an angel’s purity, even if Gab has no worries about getting naked, and that she has a cute squeal in response to medicated ointment.

With some recycled jokes and the rest relying on the same idea that Gabriel doesn’t give a hoot about anything, this episode cements that idea that nothing is going to happen. The series is fun enough to watch in specific moments but the characters and what little exists of the plot don’t seem to be worth reviewing each week.

– Satania seems to be getting under Gab’s skin and the result is humorously disastrous.

– Characters not named Satania are becoming even more one-note.
– Not much to look forward to as jokes rarely stray from the same topic

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7 thoughts on “Gabriel Dropout – Episode 3

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    1. It is kind of cute, just heavily reliant on the one gag (angels are awful, demons are nice).

      I would recommend short bursts as the best way to watch it. Most of what happens are short bits anyway, with nothing to pull viewer interest week to week, but it’s fun enough if you’re in a humorous mood.


  1. A shame I led you two astray. I still feel like the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

    Edsamac provided some interesting insight in regards to this episode’s gags on my post, but I cannot deny feeling a bit disappointed realizing that the show is going to stick with gags and more gags.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know when I watched this episode, the first thing I thought was “that serpent, Remy!”

      I read Edsamac’s comment before replying here, and those are some good points. It wasn’t fanservice in the traditional sense, but the joke there is Gab doesn’t care about modesty or propriety, and, well… we know that.

      It’s not bad that the show is pretty much all gag. That’s just the kind of show it is. In all likelihood I’m probably going to watch an episode every now and again, but there’s nothing drawing me week to week.

      Sui ma sen 😐


      1. 🐍🐍🐍
        Mmm fair enough.
        I totally understand how you feel about the show. Ah, well. More time for you to focus on other reviews, though, yay!
        Dai jou bu (no hard feelings, Jou Bu. You just gotta die in order to make everything fine)

        Liked by 1 person

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