Saga of Tanya the Evil – episode 3

“Deus Vult”


Tayna receives a promotion to first lieutenant and reassigned to the military capital after being the only person to successfully use Dr. von Schugel’s magical conduit invention. Her success lies in the power of prayer, so it seems. With Tanya depending on this power to survive the front lies, though doesn’t truly believe in it, what will Being X have in store for her next?

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Masamune-kun’s Revenge – episode 3

“Yoshino’s Magic Show”


The threat of supplementary courses for anyone who fails the midterm prompts a debate between Masamune and Aki as to which of them is smarter. This leads to a bet between them: if Masamune scores higher on the test, Aki must go on a date with him. If she tests higher, he agrees to be publicly humiliated. 

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Onihei – Episode 2

“Honjo, Sakura Estate”


Reports of criminal activity in Honjo lead Hasegawa to recall his younger days at the Ginhei Takasugi dojo with his friend Tetsu Samanosuke, with whom he trained in swordfighting and rivaled for the affections of a young woman. His encounter with old acquaintances leads to information about the criminal and extortion activities at the Hattori estate, leaving Hasegawa responsible for preventing a planned slaughter.

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Scum’s Wish – Episode 2

“I’m Here for That Warmth”


As Hanabi and Mugi’s fabricated relationship reaches new levels, past rivals for their affection emerge. Challenged by Noriko, a self-proclaimed princess from Mugi’s childhood, Hanabi seeks comfort from her only female friend, Sanae Ebato. Though their fondness for one another is mutual, Sanae’s feelings for Hanabi may be far stronger than anyone realizes.

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ACCA: 13 Territory Inspection Dept. – episode 2

“The Partner In Crime’s Name Is Nino”


Nino, a high school friend and drinking companion of Jean’s, is a private investigator turned journalist. Whenever possible, Nino attempts to help Jean crack cases, so when Jean mentions to that he thinks someone is watching him, Nino is swift to come to his rescue. Despite these attempts to uncover the secret agent tailing Jean, viewers soon discover that all may not be as it seems. In the meantime, Jean manages to find his lighter and audits a district known for its food.
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Hand Shakers episode 2

“Lead by Red”


After defeating his first team of hand shakers, Tazuna meets with Makihara to learn more about Koyori and what the purpose of hand shakers are. Tazuna learns that Koyori is different than the other hand shakers, in that she will die if separated from him. Because of this, Tazuna reluctantly agrees to Makihara’s plan to introduce Koyori as a foreign exchange student to his family. 

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Gabriel Dropout – Episode 2

“The Angel, the Demon, and the Class President”


Vignette (demon) and Gabriel (angel) invite Satanichia (demon) to eat lunch with them for the first time in the cafeteria. Back in the classroom, 1-B’s student president is perplexed when she accidentally overhears Gabriel talking about a report she has to submit to heaven. Later in the day Vignette becomes frustrated when she tries to deal with Gabriel and Satanichia during a cooking class.
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ēlDLIVE episode 2

“Super Cool Space Girl”


After being assigned to a night shift aboard the Solar System District Station, Misuzu gives Chuuta a tour of the ship, which he learns houses the alien prisoners they apprehend. Shortly after their shift begins, a prisoner breaks free from its cell and teleports to Earth. The goal? To kill as many people as possible. Misuzu and a reluctant Chuuta are tasked with apprehending the creature before any tragedy can occur. Continue reading “ēlDLIVE episode 2”

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