ēlDLIVE – Episode 6

“Something to Believe in: Part 1”


The accusation against Misuzu has more truth to it than most realize, but Misuzu herself doesn’t know how it happened. Determined to find someone who can help her, Chips and Chuuta search for Dr. Strangelove who is also on the run from some criminals. With some help from a pair of officers from the 5th Bureau, they soon find more than they expected.


Though I was excited to see some background on Misuzu, this week’s episode left me feeling overwhelmed.  Introducing two new characters this late in the series and adding additional information that may end up leading to side arcs is far too much to process in a single episode.

eldlive6_3As WeekendOtaku notes in his review, the actual conflict this week was fleeting. Rather than unfolding throughout the episode, an encounter takes place in the last few moments. This forces viewers to endure another cliffhanger for the scheduled ‘Part 2’ episode next week.  When a series decides to introduce relatively significant characters so late in the season, considerable chunks of time have to be given to develop a semi-realistic personality. This not only takes away from furthering the main story arc but runs the risk of having underwhelming, one-note characters. So far, this is exactly what has happened with Inspector Veronica and Nina.

Overall, I’m not at all sure how I feel about ēlDLIVE after this week. I don’t want to run the risk of expressing disappointment because the series as a whole has been relatively entertaining.  With that said, I hope the remaining episodes can focus on developing a cohesive final story line.

– Narrative is still developing, though slowly with the addition of some new characters
– Some backstory has been given for Misuzu finally!

– Not sold on the significance of the two new characters and if it was worthwhile to include them.



Another two-part episode means another cliffhanger at the end – something I complained about last week. I won’t be too hard on ēlDLIVE for using the tactic though, as it has been doing a good job of maintaining interesting narrative otherwise. It’s also doing well to build on prior events that might have passed by without notice, making the entire series feel more cohesive. This episode, however, reflects the time crunch as they try to pack several new characters into this latest arc.

Image of bad guys looking for Dr. LoveLike the gum thief episode, a short scene at the beginning provides some background. Dr. Taklamakan Strangelove (Dr. Love) is wanted by some bad guys for his research, which is as generic a setup as you can ask for but the series actually does do a good job of tying it back to the main cast – particularly Misuzu. With her sidelined for the episode due to not having taken her space medicine to overcome the side effects, Chuuta and Inspector Chips work off the vague notion that finding Dr. Love will help her.

Misuzu’s stand-in, Assistant Inspector Veronica, lays to rest any concerns over the thought of an episode where a girl wasn’t verbally abusing Chuuta. Both she and her partner Nina provide some extra experience and firepower to the team, but if the way their scenes are framed is any indication, some light fanservice is among their duties as well. Nina at least offsets Veronica’s rudeness, but her overly sweet behavior is same amount of excess at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Image of Veronica's spin attackThe conflict near the end is sudden and brief, but that’s to be expected with the time needed to introduce and establish the new characters. Chuuta’s relative lack of experience is again highlighted, by Veronica of course, when he doesn’t stop an explosion in time. To his credit, everything happens pretty quickly before the smoke clears.

The scene helps to showcase some of their abilities but I’m still waiting for Chuuta to do something other than stitching or ice. A lot happens in a short amount of time as another possible villain is introduced, though if the spoilery OP/ED are any indication he’s probably not that bad.

– A pretty shocking turn of events all around. The episode keeps viewers guessing.
– Finally some background on Misuzu, and a half explanation for her behavior.

– Misuzu # 2 is just as unnecessarily mean and no less one-note so far.
– Dolugh’s excessive questioning was extra annoying this time.

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4 thoughts on “ēlDLIVE – Episode 6

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  1. This anime sounds like it needs to be 24 episodes to be good because it’s such a slow crawl. I may watch it nevertheless because it seems interesting, but form you guys’ reviews sounds like they need to pick up the pace a little!


    1. 24 episodes might be a better fit, though who knows… at the end of the season they might continue this one as from what I hear about the manga there is a lot of story to tell.

      I don’t know if I think the pacing is too slow, it’s just hard to find much to grasp onto with the series as a whole. It’s been a lot of little arcs so far, and while each one is interesting enough I keep wanting a more continuous thread through it all.


  2. Yeah, the girls who kind of stood in for Misuzu this episode didn’t leave much of an impact and I’m kind of hoping they just go away again. Then again, they could become interesting, like most things in this story, if it bothers to develop them.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    1. There’s probably more to them, but introducing Veronica in pretty much the same way as Misuzu felt underwhelming to me. Yes, they might get developed, but the episode count doesn’t leave a lot of room to get something compelling out of all these new characters and setup for the final act.

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