ēlDLIVE – Episode 8

“Something to Believe in: Part 3”


Chuuta uses his newfound abilities to try to subdue a possessed Nina and get Dr. Love back to the Jeanrenoi-R to clear Misuzu’s name. As they understand more about how remote control SPH works, Chuuta and the others determine that the culprit must be aboard the space station. A chaotic situation breaks out, with Chuuta being among the only field officers left to stop it.


If it were solely up to me, I would have given up on this series after the last episode. ēlDLIVE is decent as a starter shounen series for teens just getting into anime. With that said, the same running gags are getting tiresome: Misuzu degrading Chuuta, appearing upside down when teleporting, Dolugh and Chuuta taking turns being confused about something, and Chuuta growing flustered when it comes to Misuzu.

Picture of Nina in handcuffs with caption This episode, in particular, was an attempt to resolve all the events that occurred over the previous two parts. Dr. Love’s character became reduced to someone who provided commentary on what was taking place and why. The arc surrounding Nina becoming evil was settled in a rather mediocre way. When I broached this with WeekendOtaku, he made a valid point in that there wasn’t really much that could be done. Nina was being mind controlled and, aside from kill her, Chuuta had to take her out in the gentlest way possible.

Dr. Love explains that someone who possesses mind control SPH can overpower and dominate another by directly focusing their sight on them. Had viewers learned this in part one, it would have been easy to determine that Eyeballs (Lime Dali) was behind the mind control. Seriously, if that is how mind control SPH works, can the character design be any more obvious?

The ‘Something to Believe In” arc concludes with Dr. Love, Veronica, and Nina joining Chuuta and Misuzu’s school. Viewers are privy to another running gag where Chuuta over exaggerates what he thinks the Taklamakan Project involves: Dr. Love seductively demanding Misuzu to remove her clothing, which she readily agrees to do.  This is so far removed from whatever the truth is that even Dolugh is like….

Picture of Chuuta beating the ground with Dolugh commenting

In the end, it is hard to determine which thread will lead to the overall goal. After being introduced to Gucchi, I assumed the series focus more closely on him and Chuuta determining what happened to their missing friends.

– The animation for the battle scenes are well executed.
– Still invested in determining what happened to Misuzu during the Taklamakan Project.

– Still unsure of the goal for this series is… where is Gucchi?


Yet again the last episode leaves off on a cliffhanger, prompting this week’s part 3 to tie up the current arc. As the theme of “Something to Believe in” was realized before the end of the second part, this episode focused on finding the culprit behind the mind control SPH phenomenon. Wrapping up this thread avoids all the problems I pointed out with using a villain like this, but the arc doesn’t provide the sort of mid season shifts that some viewers may have been hoping for this series to reach.

Image of eyeballs guy shooting BelalagoTo start, the criminal’s reveal is underwhelming when considering the previous episodes. His identity is obvious as soon as Dr. Love explains how the mind control SPH works (thanks to a scene I coincidentally used for the week 6 banner), and his entire plot to capture Dr. Love seems pointless when we see what he resorts to in this episode. As if done to get Chuuta and his new powers into some more action scenes, the plot takes conveniences to put Misuzu in danger once again.

Chuuta’s abilities are cool, and while super speed can easily be used to make characters overpowered, his expanding SPH abilities are at least drawing more on his imagination to manifest (even if Nina’s energy bolts being likened to green onions is kind of a stretch). As the major development from this arc, along with his increasing growth as an officer, it seems Chuuta is poised to take on greater threats but the series doesn’t give many hints as to what form they may take.

Image of Dr. Love, Nina, and Veronica in school clothesThe truth about Misuzu and the Taklamakan project are similarly a mystery for now. We see a scene where Dr. Love is seemingly at odds with the higher ups in the ēlDLIVE but that thread also appears to be reserved for future developments. For now, the end of the episode indicates a return to earth based adventures as the 5th Bureau officers and Dr. Love himself become part of Chuuta’s squad and enroll in his school.

– Chuuta’s new powers are strong without being overly flashy.
– The Taklamakan project is a decent candidate for a conclusive arc.

– Dali Lime’s attempts to get Dr. Love feel unnecessary considering this week’s events.
– Another ‘episodic’ arc denies any buildup toward a greater narrative.

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3 thoughts on “ēlDLIVE – Episode 8

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  1. I found the end where they all enrol in the school kind of eye-roll worthy. I’d kind of enjoyed the episode up until then and then it was like such an incredibly generic anime move (admittedly a lot of this has been generic so what was I expecting) that it just kind of killed some of the earlier fun. Though, Dr Love has quickly become my favourite character so I guess I should take any excuse to keep him around in future episodes.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the series. Agree that the green onion image was a bit of a stretch.


    1. Though shooting Nina point blank in the face was pretty fun I’m inclined to agree with Kimmie that Dr. Love was mainly just around to explain things this time. Maybe that’s needed though, since Chuuta can’t seem to do detective things on this own.

      The gang joining his school was quite cliche, no getting around it. If they do more Earth stuff like I’m thinking then there might be a good reason for it, but we have like 4 episodes left. How will they do a season/series conclusion at school?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I do wonder how they intend to conclude things in this season (given they clearly aren’t actually getting to the end of the story). It feels like we’re either in for no conclusion or a thrown in last minute villain to give some sort of conclusiony feeling.

        Liked by 1 person

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