ACCA: 13 Territory Inspection Dept. – Episode 10

“Starfall in a City Without a Sky”


After recieving Peshi and Yakkara’s support, Jean makes his way to the isolated city of Pranetta for his next audit. There he finds a determined people who worry about the possibility of a future without ACCA. As the King’s health takes a turn, many are thinking about their contingency plans as Prince Schwann is slated to ascend to the throne.


With everything that’s going on, it’s surprising how much Jean appears to treat everything business as usual as far as his job goes. There are many possible reasons for this. He could still be trying to provide reports for Mauve, or try to throw off suspicion from the heads of ACCA that he knows anything about the plot. Another possibility is that he genuinely wants to get the temperature of each district towards the thought of him on the throne.

Image of Jean working in the Pranetta branch officeThese would all be great theories if not for the fact that Jean goes about his job of auditing just as he always has, combing through records and inspecting operations just as he did prior to knowing anything about his involvement in the coup. It could be that he doesn’t want to make anything seem amiss among the Inspection department, but the amount of diligence Jean shows suggests an honest desire to make sure the ACCA branches are operating smoothly. Perhaps he feels that in the event that a coup does take place, they’ll be better positioned to respond.

In only the second episode in which Jean begins discussing the coup with the Chiefs of the districts he’s auditing, we see Pranetta lending their support to him as well. The way in which they did this, with the Chief bumming a cigarette from him before offering the same one back as a humble gift was a nice touch to finish up the experience of this unique district. They may not have much, now or ever, but they’ll still stake the future of their district on Jean.

Image of Grossular speaking to MauveThe news of the King’s inability to attend his normal functions is interesting in how it spurs everyone to action. With the chances of organizing an ACCA led coup far less likely with Prince Schwann on the throne, Lilium’s move to use the upcoming centennial celebration makes sense. Likewise Schwann’s aunt is feeling the pressure to do away with the Otus siblings even more now, and could make an attempt on Schwann as well. Grossular’s visit to Mauve, meanwhile, raises many more possibilities. Does he plan to deal with her as Lilium demanded, or does he have a backup plan as well?

Jean’s upcoming audit of Furawau already has a foreboding feel to it. One can only hope that Schnee’s loyal guard still has eyes on him somehow, and will be able to pull him out of whatever danger Lilium’s family poses toward him.

– The Pranetta visit gives another perspective on what the coup signifies for some people.
– With everyone poised to move, the story’s climax is not far off.

– As juicy as last week’s reveal was, this episode delays any development on that front


As anticipated in last week’s episode, Jean continues his audit in the District of Yakkara. Though not much of the episode is devoted to the mock-Las Vegas district, it is revealed the Yakkaran people fully support both the coup and Jean. To indicate Yakkara’s approval, District Chief Baccarat casually slips Jean a cigarette. And, with that, Jean is off to audit the next district: Pranetta.

Image of Jean standing in desertUnlike the lively Yakkara, Pranetta is far removed from the hustle of big city life.  Situated underground, in the desert no less, the mining village is scarce on resources and abundant on excessive heat. While the idea of an underground city may give off Hunger Games District 13 vibes, the village is far less technically advanced. So much so, Jean must rely on roaming the desert in a vehicle in an attempt to get a signal to communicate with areas outside the small town.

Everything in Pranetta, from water to air, is in short supply. Only after nightfall, when temperatures cool, do the laboring citizens emerge to relish the fresh air. Similarly, a branch officer offers Jean water, followed by the stipulation to drink sparingly. Despite these hardships, the same desolation and despair shown in the Suitsu District isn’t seen in Pranetta. Because, unlike the citizens of Suitsu, the Pranetta people are not oppressed.

There is a saying… “being poor is a state of mind” and it seems to fit in the case. While wealth is limited in Pranetta, the citizens appear rich beyond measure. A beautiful example of this is when the District Chief of Pranetta meets with Jean. During their conversation, he asks to borrow a cigarette. After a heartfelt monologue about how his people had never planned to take sides, he passes the cigarette back to Jean– thus confirming another ally has been added to the coup.

Image of flashback scene in black and white of Grossular and LiliumAside from Jean’s district schedule, the final moments from last week’s episode is addressed in a series of flashbacks. While intriguing to witness how Lilium, Grossular, and Mauve perceived ACCA as they rose to power, there is a struggle to convey any sense of excitement. Similarly, Lilium basically confirms his interest in the coup is a selfish pursuit by mentioning that things are unfolding how his family intended them to. Between Lilium practically announcing his greedy intentions to the mute, monotone color palette, the overall execution was a bit too stagnant for my liking.

– Pranetta District reestablishes that the situation in Suitsu wasn’t based solely on wealth, but oppression.
– Rail has quite the crush on Lotta and it’s adorable! Perhaps there will be a budding romance come the finale.

– Slower paced episode, which may not sit well with all viewers, but intriguing all the same.
– Someone send out a search party for Nino.  I am more than ready for him to return.

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