Masamune-kun’s Revenge – episode 11

“Snow White of the Yasaka Festival”


Masamune and his classmates rehearse Snow White in preparation for their competition against Aki’s class, but the day of the Festival sees some sneaky tricks played by both sides. Both Masamune and Kanetsugu find themselves held captive with the showtime impending. A dance with Aki is on the line, but she doesn’t intend to let anyone best her.


While Gasou’s sudden appearance was never above suspicion, this week it is revealed his motive for infiltrating Aki’s life is not nearly as endearing as Neko’s plight. After his family has fallen victim to economic misfortune, Gasou schemes to reclaim some of his family’s wealth through way of marrying Aki.

Image of Kanetsugu GasouAdding to the twist, it is revealed that Gasou isn’t concerned about Makabe, just running into the ‘real’ Masamune again; since he assumed the poor chap’s identity and all. Of course, he is just as oblivious as Aki is to Makabe being Masamune. It is one of the most contrived narratives I’ve seen in awhile, even for a rom com.

I will admit the rival classes plotting (and succeeding) in capturing each other’s ‘princes,’ to thwart any possibility of a successful production, was pretty entertaining. Between communication failures and mishaps, Makabe manages to free himself just in time to come to Aki’s rescue. While the episode attempts to end on a cliffhanger, with Aki’s ‘the show must go on’ mentality spurring her to perform the play without Gasou, it falls short. The OP already reveals that Makabe is leaning over Aki, clad in her Snow White costume, to share a kiss. What a way to build anticipation for the finale Masamune-kun!  

Image of Kojuuro at the festivalOn a complete side note, when did Kojuuro start liking Neko?  Did they not spend like a week together at Aki’s beach house with no indication that he was interested in her? Am I missing some rom-com credo that all characters must be paired up before the show ends?  Also, why the heck has Neko even returned? Is there any purpose AT ALL to her character? Grrr!!!!

– It is revealed why Gasou is determined to pass himself off as Masamune.

– Contrived plot threads and pairings have abound!

Weekend Otaku

In many cases, the job of the penultimate episode in a series is to set up the final dramatic turn. It moves the characters and plot to a point where they must make a defining choice and thus often ends in a cliffhanger. This technically holds true for Masamune as well, but with everything else this episode tries to squeeze in it comes off as disjointed.

Image of Masamune captured by the Kendo girlSetting up the wager between Gasou and Makabe meant that something was bound to go awry with one or both of them. The yuri group became Gasou’s allies as expected, acting outside of Aki’s knowledge to waylay Masamune and spoil the chances of him dancing with their princess. Getting Masamune ‘vulnarable’ enough to get caught this way was super contrived, but that’s not exactly something this show goes out of its way to avoid doing. If anything, the scene with the kendo girl showed how at least one of the group grew to admire Aki so much, so there’s that bit of context at least.

Learning Gasou’s secret gives some explanation behind him as well, but his reason for lying doesn’t do anything to endear him to the viewer. One has to wonder what his endgame would be, after marrying Aki and securing his family’s prosperity, if he doesn’t actually love her. Regardless, it makes it more satisfying to see Yoshino’s sneaky trick work so well after we learn the truth about him.

Image of Aki preparing to go on stage as Snow WhiteWhat’s even better is that Aki isn’t deterred by Gasou’s absence and still boldly makes her way to the stage. It was nice to see that even despite her docile attitude around Gasou, she’s still of the mindset that she doesn’t need a Prince Charming. The decision not to rely on anyone else is very much in line with what we’ve seen of her before, and gives an admirable quality to her independence.

With Masamune realizing what she’s planning to do as he learns that her show has already started, he sets off into action. Presumably he’ll play his role beside her, or perhaps even to go back to the self sabotaging nice guy and find Gasou himself. Either way, this series has only one episode left to find its message.

– We finally know where Kanetsugu fits into all this.
– Aki’s deciding she doesn’t need anyone to support her is pretty cool.

– Aside from moving the plot a little, this episode does nothing for any of the characters, which leaves resolving the story and all character arcs for the last episode.

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