ACCA: 13 Territory Inspection Dept. – Episode 11

“Furawaus Flowers Smell of Malice”


Jean’s audit of Furawau leads to the discovery that they are leading the coup and want Jean to join their cause. Though he is reluctant at first, an attempt on his life seems to harden his resolve and he returns to Bādon among rumors of the impending takeover.


ACCA finally begins to pick up the pace of its storytelling as the show heads into its finale. The foreboding sense of danger at the end of last week’s episode is ever present during Jean’s trip to Lilium’s home district, but even now the series isn’t so impatient as to spoil its biggest surprises.

Image of Jean having a meal with Lilium's brothersThat is to say that Lilium’s family does not (yet) appear as threatening as I had guessed they might be. Rather they act much like the other district heads had up until this point, only in a much more overt way. Their reasons for supporting the coup cleverly refer back to Pranetta’s motivation to protect their resources. In Furawau’s case, the fact that they provide nearly all of Dōwā’s oil without seeing the proportionate rewards gives them a strong reason to desire change.

Echoing the sentiments I stated in my last review, they seem amused that Jean insists on going through with his audit. The open question to Jean about whether or not he’ll represent ACCA in the coup sees him finally make a decision one way the other, but not before someone else pays the price for his reluctance. I fully expected Nino to bail Jean out of some kind of trouble this week, but it looks like he opened Jean’s eyes to the urgency of the matter as well.

Image of Jean talking to Nino in the hospitalJean’s talk with Nino in the hospital, the first since Nino explained everything to him in Kororē, sees him take a more direct attitude toward things than before. Nino’s question about whether or not Jean is delving into things on purpose echoes the viewer’s curiosity, but the way Jean’s eyes are covered when he responds indicates his stark change in behavior when he tells Nino with an almost princely authority that his job isn’t to serve Dōwā’s royal family.

In any case, Jean seems finally as ready to move as the rest of the cast, accepting Furawau’s offer to have the coup rally behind him and explains as much to a understandably shocked Warbler when all the Inspection branch officers convene in Bādon for the centennial. So far his has been the only voice of dissent as every other character seems to think a coup is inevitable, and anticipate Jean’s place in it.

Image of Grossular and Lilium talking outside ACCA HQSimilarly Lilium surprises Grossular by slipping the notion that his family plans to control Jean like a figurehead as Furawau dictates policy for the nation. As I alluded to in this review’s opening, the way in which he plans to do any of this is left for the series finale. Grossular and Mauve’s plans are yet unclear as well, but I have a feeling that how the final act will play out depends mostly on Jean.

– A more deliberate plot sees decisions and actions taken quickly, and builds more excitement than last week’s slow paced jaunt.
– The question about what Jean is going to do may finally be answered.

– Next Tuesday is still a week away


Well, well, well… Nino has finally reemerged from the shadows to foil an assassination attempt from Dōwā against the reluctant not-so-secret prince. At most, Nino would have likely returned home with a bouquet of flowers from Furawau. Instead, he takes souvenir bullet meant for Jean (thanks bro!) To top all this, it was Nino’s first time in Furawau. That is not at all how you generate tourism growth.

Image of Nino laying on Jean with the caption My first reaction was “please don’t die!” Cut to a hospital room where Nino is being pumped full of oxygen and somber as ever Jean reminds him that he no longer has to serve the Dōwā family. Before questions arose as to why Nino didn’t just pummel the attackers, rather than take a bullet to the back, the series covered its bases. According to Nino, he was following a directive given by the Five Chief Officers not to harm anyone affiliated with Dōwā.

This scene actually served a greater purpose than just pumping Nino full of lead. Jean’s normally reserved behavior was disrupted, first by the shock of his blood soaked friend falling atop him, then by anger over the attack. If anything, the incident was the final push Jean needed to accept his role in the coup.

Bullets aside, if viewers thought Lilium was a terrible excuse for a human being, he hails from a line of jerks. As his brothers play host to Jean in their district of Furawau, the uncomfortable meeting is made up of boasting about their family’s accomplishments and degrading inferior districts, like Pranetta. Naturally, this doesn’t sit well with Jean but, as usual, he manages to maintain his composure.

Image of Lilium's brothers with the caption It appears the Lilium brothers are amused at the sight of the golden haired puppet chosen to ascend the throne. Laced with venom, the pair don’t mince words when describing how Furawau’s ruling elite have suffered after the districts were given more autonomy. With shifting the seat of power back towards Furawau on the horizon, the brother’s appear to have no qualm about voicing their expectations. Jean, as they understand, will rise up with them.

With the finale slated for next week, there are plenty of threads waiting to be tied up. Considering the time limit and slow pacing of the series overall, the ending will likely be resolved rather ‘quietly.’ Given the remarkable plot execution thus far, I imagine whatever happens will not disappoint me. With that said, if someone could just clock Schwan and Lilium right in the face… that would be great.

– Everything is starting to make sense and this episode absolutely reaffirmed my distain for power-hungry Lilium and whiny Schwan.
– Seeing Nino shot truly rattled Jean. What resulted is likely the most emotion viewers will ever see from him.
– Nino and Jean = the origin of bromance.

– Agree with WeekendOtaku… looking forward to Tuesday!!!

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  1. A whole week. I really am struggling with the wait. I just want to know now. At the same time, I’m going to be quite sad when this is over because it has been the highlight of most of my weeks (that and March Comes in Like a Lion). It’s been fun reading your thoughts on it this season as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I hear you. I’m kind of sad that some of these shows are ending as well but part of the reason these stories are good is that they’re contained.

      What’s really great is that Jean can very well do anything right now. ACCA might even choose stability by supporting the current government. Jean’s real motives remain a mystery.

      Liked by 1 person

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