Re-Watch Event under the Full Bloom of Spring

As I mentioned in my announcement post at the beginning of the year, one of the things I wanted to do on this blog was a re-watch of one of my favorite anime. With April nearly upon us now, it’s time to start this next project. 

I saw Your lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) a little more than a  year after it initially finished airing. As such, I missed out on a lot of the conversation that went on among the seasonal viewers. While doing the Viewing Party this Winter, I saw how fun it was to watch shows with a group and how I knew I would have loved to do the same thing with this series.

Of course now that is more than two years old that opportunity has long passed but I thought I could enjoy something similar with a community re-watch. I don’t plan to do episodic reviews the way I did with the Viewing Party posts. Instead I want to talk about moments from each episode that I enjoyed or found meaningful.

Animated gif of Kaori playing the melodica
There are so many!

I’ll start in the first week of the month (Mon, April 3) and do one episode post per day. This will leave a few buffer days in case I can’t get a post out for whatever reason, so I can cover all 22 episodes of the series before I run out of April.

If you have seen the series, I invite you to re-watch with me or just stop by to tell everyone what you thought about each episode as well.

If you haven’t seen it yet, this can be an opportunity for you to do so. It’s a great series, with amazing art and music, about finding passion in life, and the way music connects people; which I’m sure many of you will enjoy. As an added bonus you’ll get what I missed out on by having a small community to watch and interact with you. I will, at the very least, talk about it with you anyway.

You can watch Your lie in April in both English and Japanese audio in the US on Crunchyroll or Netflix. You will have to check for availability if you live in other regions. If you’ve watched it subbed before, you may want to try the dub Crunchyroll recently added. It’s pretty top notch.

I’ll do an episode a day, but feel free to watch at your own pace. I only ask that on each episode post you don’t discuss things that happen after that episode to avoid spoiling for those who may be watching for the first time.

Finally, because I want this to be interactive and get people talking, I’ll have a prize giveaway at the end of the event. It won’t be anything major, just some themed merchandise that you can enter to win simply by commenting.

If you’re interested in joining me, please let me know by commenting below so I have an idea of how many people to put in the drawing. I’ll have more details about the prize in a later post.

Image of Kaori holding a canele out at the screen
There’s caneles in it for you if you do…

24 thoughts on “Re-Watch Event under the Full Bloom of Spring

Add yours

      1. I’m always happy to try new things! There’s so many well-regarded anime out there which I haven’t seen yet, and I think it’s definitely worth me giving some a chance because I don’t know for certain what I’d like. Watching as a group should be fun!


      1. Also totes random, I had started a re-watch on my blog back in September and that dropped off. I really should get back to it. but your ideas of picking out meaningful scenes or favorite moments is so much better than what I had started. I may take notes from you during this for when I decide to go back to my series!

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        1. Ah, yes, I looked through your site and see that you started one with Haikyuu!. You put quite a bit of detail into those posts it looks like and I imagine it took a lot of work.

          After the Viewing Party I saw how much time something like this could take up. Analyzing the episodes in addition to talking about the scenes I want to highlight will be a big effort for me, especially since I’m going to try to stick to a every day schedule. Also, since it’s a re watch, I assume people are watching/have seen the episode so I don’t have to summarize or explain much.

          It’s an experiment for me too, so let’s see how it turns out. Maybe a similar approach will work better for your own re watch posts.

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  1. This doesn’t really seem like my thing and I have too much on my plate at the moment even if it were but all the same, I’ll be keeping up with your posts. Have fun with the whole thing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, yes, my event has ended but I’m happy to know you’re watching the series regardless.

      Please feel free to still comment any of the episode posts (you can find them all by checking the “Your lie in April” tag on this blog) if you would like to discuss. I’m always eager to talk about this anime.

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