Ep 12 – Twinkle Little Star

Kaori and Kousei begin practicing their piece for the Gala event, but Kousei is still having doubts about playing in general. Reflecting on everything his friends have been telling him, he starts to believe he can find a way out of the darkness.

After a 2 days break, the re-watch party is back at full speed! The first half ended on an ominous line, and I’m sure many viewers are eager for what the second half will bring.

We get an OP and ED change starting from this episode. Nanairo Symphony is a super upbeat song isn’t it? It’s balanced though, by the emotionally heavy ED Orange.

As for the format of these posts I’ve added headings in each section after Crystal told me they’re helpful with screen readers. Let me know how they work out.

With that, on to the episode!

Episode Moments

Kaori pulling the Liebeslied folder out from Kousei's shelf in the dusty piano room

Kousei simply isn’t putting his heart into this peice, and Kaori says she doesn’t know why, but it seems like she might have some idea, as the flashback shows that she found the piece on his shelf while she was snooping.

Kousei's finger stops on the Liebeslied folder which looks worn from use

Kousei does a little investigation of his own. Liebeslied (Love’s Sorrow) is the companion piece to Kreisler’s other work Liebesfreud (Love’s Joy). Both were on his shelf, but look at how worn the booklet for Liebeslied is. The versions on his shelf, however, are Sergei Rachmanainoff’s renditions for solo piano.

This is where we learn that the song was a favorite of Saki’s, and was often used for Kousei’s lullaby. No wonder he has anxiety about playing it.

Hiroko talking to Kousei at an outdoor summer festival

As expected, talking to Hiroko gives some more depth to Kousei’s mother. Like a child with limited world experience would, Kousei wonders if she hated him. Hiroko’s answer “She was sick and angry, but she was your mom” expresses in one statement how shortsighted he is. Furtherore, Hiroko believes that only by playing again will Kousei be able to let go of his bad memories of Saki.

Kaori's parents offering an enthusiastic thumbs up to Kousei

After an initial scare, we see that Kaori’s parents love Kousei. I don’t know if loading him up with sweets in the evening is such a good idea though. Dad’s comment of “So that was Arima” pretty much confirms that they hear about him a lot from Kaori.

Kaori's sparkler firework fizzling out

More obvious foreshadowing that’s still painful to think about. Kaori’s firework goes out as she says she hasn’t really thought about what she’s going to do after middle school. Is she saying it won’t even be a matter of months until she’s not with them?

Kousei reaching up while underwater toward a light, his hands moving as if playing piano

Kousei raises his hands up like he’s playing air piano again, but the setting is important here. Even as he’s literally sinking into water, there’s a light that shines through the darkness, and he hums Liebeslied in his head. I’m not sure how much of this is conscious thought, but it looks like he’s starting to break through that darkness that consumes him while he’s performing.

Emi looking flustered that she was caught at the gala event

Totally wasn’t here to see Kouse at all! Our resident tsundere, everybody.

The Ma Fille bakery is closes with the shutters down in the middle of the day

What are the chances she and her family already left for the concert hall and she left her phone at home? #Optimism.

Miike angry about everyone's interest in Kaori

Calm down, Miike. You’re aout 40 years too young to be acting like those stuffy judges. Of course, there is more to this than him taking a pot shot at Kaori. Kousei’s entire view of music has changed, and even while conceding the finale spot to Miike, he’s determined to prove that Kaori’s approach to music is right.

Kousei walking up to the piano, looking confident and assured

And so he goes on stage without Kaori. But Liebeslied is a duet, isn’t it?

Featured Music

Today’s musical track is Maru de Eiga no One Scene no you ni (Just Like That One Movie Scene). This played for the first time in episode 2 when Kousei pointed out that Kaori’s approach toward them was like a movie scene. In this episode, it plays during the pool scene after Kaori declares that she and Friend A are going to shine like stars. Watari joins her in flailing their sparklers and Kousei remarks they look great together.

The solitary piano notes feature in this one again as the background plays out, moving along almost as if the piano wasn’t there. The piano is the one watching the scene, unsure if it really has a part in it. The resulting sound isn’t exactly sad, but it’s not happy either. That isn’t to say that it’s dull though. Like the dramatic scene of a movie, there is a sense of tension and foreboding.

Noteworty Motif

Kaori and Kousei walking down the street in front of her house at night

As Kaori walks Kousei to the end of the street after he meets her parents, he finds himself thinking about this moment. Nothing stands out about the meaningless small talk and familiar scenery, but he’ll remember it always.

This isn’t as strong a repeated motif as some of the others, but the idea here is that small insignificant moments can become unforgettable. You can probably guess the events of the night weren’t what made it so, but the person he was with.

That’s all I had for today. I hope the break gave you some time to catch up with watching the episodes, so let me know what you think! If you missed a post, you can catch-up o the re-watch party at this page.

10 thoughts on “Ep 12 – Twinkle Little Star

Add yours

  1. I love the scene with Kosei and Kaori’s parents! It’s funny and really heartwarming. It also reveals how much Kaori likes Kosei.
    The second ending song for Your Lie in April is so emotionally beautiful that I start crying because I always think of Kaori while listening to it. 😥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, the bakery scene was a much welcomed feel good moment. There were a couple scenes I initially saved but then cut from this post, like where he bows kind of awkwardly to them while he’s leaving because they’re still outside the shop waving to him.

      Not surprising that you think of her when you see the ED, since she’s the only character in it 😉

      I listen to Hikaru Nara a lot, but I don’t know. I think Orange is my favorite out of the four from this series, though they’re all good.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am glad I also had some other things that kept my occupied this weekend, because else I think I would have finished the entire show by now lol 😂 This was another great episode, but for me the highlight was seeing Kousei walking on stage at the end of the episode. I think if I would have had a camera at that point on my face, my wide grin would have probably been showing from ear to ear. What a great moment indeed. Ofcourse I am very anxious to find out what is really going on with Kaori…but I also have a small fear to find out exactly what it is.
    I did not think it would be possible for me to hate a kid this much…but wow that Miike seriously did it. The things he said had me fuming with anger…but that is saying something if a series manages to achieve that 😊
    Last but not least the bakery scene was terrific and truly heartwarming. It is so nice to have such a small scene give you such a wonderful and warm feeling. But among pretty much everything this series does right: letting you care and go through a rollercoaster of emotions is on top of the list 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, well feel free to binge away now. I don’t think I’ll plan anymore breaks through the end of the series.

      That was a great moment from him, and I really liked how Kaori had instilled this belief in him now, such that even if she’s not there he’s going to go out and play just to uphold that belief. Our little Kousei is growing up!

      Haha, Miike… maybe take it easy on him. He’s just an impressionable young kid. He’ll see the error of his ways soon enough.

      Like I’ve remarked to others, the amount that this anime made me care about the characters was surprising. No other show had done that to me before, and it’s so good at taking advantage of that to make you feel every twist and turn of that rollercoaster.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ah, I couldn’t help but notice the transient firework Kaori was holding, too.

    I enjoyed seeing Koharu dancing around with Kousei as they anxiously waited for Kaori to show up. Koharu is pretty fond of Kousei!

    My favorite judge has reappeared, hooray! Too bad he couldn’t hear his favorite player perform.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Koharu has a lot of great scenes. It was so typical too how shy she was around Kousei upon first seeing him again, but then she’s all over him once she remembers.

      And yeah, favorite judge hasn’t changed at all. He’s basically thinking he can wake up from this snoozefest now that it was Kaori’s turn to play. And geezer judge is still mortified when Kousei comes up there without her. Even when he’s not judging he’s worried about the sanctity of the stage.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mmm. Sometimes younger kids are frustrating additions to a show but I think Koharu is an endearing girl.
        Favorite Judge should stay as he is.
        Geezer Judge can turn a grain of sand into a pearl since he’s so uptight.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. kya~~ I like how Kousei gets all fired up against that kid that says music should be play as it’s written. He’s about to say, “watch this kid”. Because he knows where that kid is coming from and wants to show him wrong.

    You can definitely start to see the change in Kousei; not looking down anymore, his posture is also a little straighter like Kaori mentioned he was slightly taller.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think a lot of these side characters are there to highlight an aspect of a given stage of Kousei’s piano career. Miike believed his human metronome phase was the ideal, but that’s the stage that Kousei had just come out of – thanks to Kaori. Imparting that lesson on another solidifies his belief in it and shows some great growth for his character.

      I never paid that much attention to Kousei’s height before Kaori said something there, but looking back you can notice the subtle differences. What an amazingly animated show 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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