IT Haters vs. WordPress

It’s annoying great to see that your site is so distracting popular that your workplace decides to do something about it.

As is my habit on most mornings after tending to pressing issues I take a quick hop over to my blog’s site to see if there are any new comments I haven’t replied to. I like to do this on the site itself because the format of the comments section is a little easier for me to navigate and actually reply to the person I’m addressing rather than the article itself.

In any case, I had this lovely screen waiting for me this morning:

Image of a browser window showing that the site can't be reached

Don’t be fooled by that “site can’t be reached” nonsense. It can be reached. I can reach it just fine if I use my phone or something not connected to my work network. This is the same page I get when accessing Facebook or Twitter. It means IT has blocked it.

If it just affected my answering comments I would’t complain, but this has affected my daily reading as well. Not only is my site blocked, but any site hosting WordPress. That’s right and I can’t read you either.

So how have I written this post? Well, itself still somehow works. That means I can access the console (from which I wrote this) and view the Reader. So I can still see the content of your posts that way but I can’t actually see any of the formatting. I can’t preview my own posts either to make sure they look just right before publishing.

So thank you, [employer name redacted] IT department, for taking away my stress relief while you continue to slowly whittle away at my sanity. Also, if you’re reading this, please don’t fire me.

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  1. Huh, what to say. My best condolences(?) for having limited access to WP on your workplace. Though I feel a tad conflicted as I’m one of those guy that stick to the “rules” whenever possible, then again, I think it’s your right to do whatever you want during non working time. I suppose you should use your mobile data?

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      1. Yeah, it is understandable. Be it their or our side. I just hope you can continue with your activity on WP with mobile then.

        And worry not, rants are always nice to read for me (as someone whose main posts are of that genre…).

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  2. Ugh….that is so seriously annoying. I have to be honest, at first I thought this post was going to be about the new Stephen King movie IT that is coming out later this year, but I guess it isn’t lol 😂 Hope things will get fixed soon….things like this usually resolve themselves.

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    1. lol, no sorry… to me IT has an instantly recognizable meaning but that’s because of the industry I work in.

      More than likely this is just how it will be from now on, though. I can’t imagine Network Security looking over the policy and deciding wordpress blogs are needed for work.

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      1. Who knows, perhaps in the future a manager will set up a business online site through WordPress and thus allowing the domain once again? Despair is merely a stepping stone for hop- wait, you said only your blog and not whole WordPress was denied… uh, yeah. I think this was quite the meaningless thinking then.

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          1. Ah, I see. If that’s the case, even in the possibility that your company really get a wordpress powered website, it’s most likely going to have a self hosted site with a personal domain. So it still might not mean the normal blogs are blocked… oh, well. It’s useless to talk about IFs. Just hope you get to access your blog without too much issues by mobile then.

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  3. If you use the .blog domain name is it blocked? (Not actually encouraging your to try to get around your work’s IT mind you, just curious.) So
    Yeah, my work has literally everything blocked as well and I do not have any data on my phone (to ensure that I do occasionally interact with the real world) so from when I leave for work, until I get home I’ve got no personal internet access so no blogs at all. Still, I tend to spend the hour or so from when I wake up until my actual get ready for work alarm goes off to read blogs so I get to start each day feeling relatively relaxed.

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    1. Right, even sites like yours that use the custom domain name are blocked. It looks like any site running WordPress won’t get through the DNS.

      I could try what you do, but your helpful tip there was nearly lost under the sheer inferiority I feel after reading that. To not have any access to your blog while you’re away from home and still be able to do what you do, you’ve reached a level of productivity that can best be described as unfair.

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