In Soviet Russia, Anime Finds You

Newer anime is pretty easy to find these days, but for older shows you sometimes have to get creative and look in unlikely places.

Being a Weekend Otaku, I find the weekend to be when I have the most opportunity to get some writing done for this blog or catch up on anime, with the weekdays either being too busy or too draining to get much done otherwise. Of course, even the best laid plans are easily foiled. As luck would have it, there was a large yard (rummage) sale event on Sunday that drew my wife’s interest, and I was easily recruited to join her hunt for hidden treasure among other people’s unwanted things.

A yard sale is sort of activity that combines several things I prefer to avoid: spending money, leaving my home on the weekend, and searching for something with an undefined goal. The point of a yard sale, after all, is just to browse and spend your time looking through mostly junk for something that interests you or you can use. Being a borderline hoarder I can appreciate the spirit of getting a deal on used goods, but this is usually overridden by my inner miser who absolutely hates buying anything I don’t really need.

A yard covered with boxes and trash
A typical American yard sale

Nevertheless, my motivation behind going was just to give Kimmie some company. Several of her friends would be attending as well, but I thought it would be nice to share some time doing something other than forcing her to watch anime for a change. On top of that her friends are fun to hang out with as well so I wasn’t too disappointed to go either way.

But imagine my surprise when the first stand we came to (run by a gardening shop, no less) actually had something I was interested in. Among the collection of CDs and bargain bin DVDs that you often find people trying to get rid of, I spotted something that looked suspiciously like anime. That was, of course, because it was anime: the full 12 episode series Virus: Virus Buster Serge on three DVDs. Also nestled in the middle of a box of Yu-Gi-Oh DVDs was the first disc of ADV’s 2005 release of Guyver: The Bio-boosted Armor.

Images of Virus and Guyer anime DVDs

Now, these aren’t really popular titles by any means. Virus was a 1997 series made by J.C. Staff that was adapted from a game. It may not be any good, but it was directed by Masami Oobari, who had previously done the Fatal Fury movie, so there’s that. I had at least heard of Guyver before, and given that the OVAs from 1989 and 1991 were received well enough to get a series made, I feel a little more confident about this one. The best part is that I got them both for just $2, letting me sample some anime that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to find easily for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

I ended up getting a few more non-anime things from other stands and easily outspent Kimmie who only walked away with some free books, but being able to actually find some anime when I had chalked up the outing to being lost time for other activities was a great feeling that kept me in a good mood throughout the event. I find that keeping your expectations low can prevent disappointment in whatever you set out to do. But when it comes to finding anime, not knowing what to expect can result in a nice surprise.

Image of a cat knocking over the Guyver DVD
At least they’ll entertain someone?

Have you seen these titles or found any interesting anime in an unusual place? Let me know in the comments .

17 thoughts on “In Soviet Russia, Anime Finds You

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    1. Well there was a bunch of Yu-Gi-Oh along with these but that’s less surprising because it was on TV here for a good while.

      These two might be awful but it’s kind of fun to “discover” anime like this.


  1. This isn’t a really cool story.

    Reminds me of my youth when I used to pick up a lot of anime from second hand stores and car boot sales.

    I got a lot of bad shows too, since I never really had internet back then either to research what was good and what wasn’t. It was always a new adventure with each DVD 😛

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    1. “This isn’t a really cool story.”

      I’m going to assume typo. I only tell cool stories 😛

      Ah, the car boot sale – one shade shadier than the yard sale, but there was good chance you could get some good shows/games that way.

      I’m purposely not looking up anything about these two before I watch them, just to get as much of that pre-streaming experience as I can. Adventure awaits!

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  2. I love yard sales and swap meats because there are so many awesome things there. That being said, I would have bought up all of the Yugioh DVDS (and have when I found them for super cheap lol). I’ve seen more old good video games at yard sales than anime, but cool to see some anime there as well!

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    1. Haha, I had a feeling you might say something about the Yugioh. I had seen it on TV enough times that I didn’t feel too bad about leaving them behind.

      Surprisingly, I didn’t find any games at this one. Usually you’ll find people trying to offload their old xBox or Gamecube stuff.

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  3. Oh man its been so long since I last went to a yard sale even tho there were a couple during the summer near my house. I just dont like to go out unless I have to if the weather is hot xD as for finding stuff, i always keep a look out but dont usually have much luck with anime. I’ve found a couple manga before and one stuffed toy from Tsubasa (dont know the name of the creature but I recognized it)

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    1. Funny you should say that. Where we live it’s still pretty warm mid-September so we weren’t able to visit all the sales on foot for long. I ended up having to slowly drive through neighborhood streets 😛

      I can find cheap manga with a little more regularity from library sales since they cycle out their old content periodically and usually have a few manga they will get rid of.

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      1. Lol, yeah that’s how we go yard sale hunting. We’ll drive around and then walk and drive and walk xD

        Nice. My library’s manga section only expanded when I was working there like a year or so ago. I was like their #1 manga borrower and I basically recommended the person who worked at the time lots of titles. Right now they’re pretty well stocked compared to before but because of that there aren’t any manga titles they’ve discarded yet @_@ we’re also a little suburban library so i think they’d go through damaged titles less frequently than those in the city so no library manga for me :”)

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  4. Those are some really cool items you have found: awesome 😊 We don’t really have yardsales here in Holland, but we do have Queensday where everyone in Holland can just sell stuff they don’t want anymore on the streets. I have found some cool manga items on those days, but never really super interesting stuff. Guyver is not too bad by the way: I quite liked it 😀

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    1. Holland sounds like a civilized place 😀 Here we have community events like this every once in a while but it’s never a city wide thing, much less country wide.

      Now I’m more excited about Guyver. You have good taste so I’m sure I’ll find something to enjoy about it. Mozart seemed interested in any case.

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  5. I’m a little confused about the title…is it some sort of inside joke? 🤔
    But this is a pretty cool story. Whenever I go to yard sales, they usually more like the first picture than anything else, leaving me unable to find anything interesting 😂. Never heard of any of the titles, but I hope you enjoy them!
    And wait, the last picture…you have a cat? 😱 It looks so cute!!

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    1. The title is an example of Russian Reversal. If you don’t know what that is, it doesn’t matter. The “Anime Finds You” portion is the operative part. The point was that I half-unwillingly stepped away from anime for a day, but still found Anime. Okay, so not all my titles are hits 😛

      Going to be honest, a couple of sales did look like that picture. Some places are just complete chaos.

      And yes, that is our cat and club treasurer Mozart. As with anything that doesn’t smell like him, he had to investigate. He’s cute, but also mischievous as he has thus far pushed the dvds off the table about 4 times as of the time of this reply.

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      1. Okay, makes sense. Yeah, I’ve never heard of Russian Reversal 😅. But yeah, I understood the second half just fine! 🤗
        It’s one of the reasons I don’t usually like yard sales, most of the ones I go to look like that, haha.
        AWWW, such a cute name! And he’s the treasurer? 😂 Well, sounds like you’re in good hands (cough, I meant paws) He definitely sounds like a cat; what kinda cat doesn’t try to push random stuff off of counters and the like? Not mine; they’re always up on the tables, and sometimes I find them just sitting/sleeping there. It drives my mom nuts, but they’re so darn cute.

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  6. Nice find! The best thing I’ve acquired from a yard sale over the years are a couple graphing calculators for five bucks. I still enjoy the spirit of adventure when I head to one, nevertheless.

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