200 Word Anime: The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 2

The Ancient Magus’ Bride looks like it’s become an early favorite this season as Karandi and I review episode 2. If you haven’t seen our post on episode 1, you can find that here. Don’t forget to check out our Black Clover reviews over at her blog as well.


While remaining very much in the vein of introducing viewers to story elements and concepts by way of the several new characters Chise meets, this episode takes it a step further than the first. With the amount of new material being throw at the viewer, the series steps towards the shaky territory between intriguing and confusing. As every encounter still feels like a standalone experience, one can only assume that the info dump is crucial to understanding later events.

Those who saw the OVA will recognize Angelica, but here we learn what it is she actually does. As another character that knows more than the viewer at this point, her reaction at seeing Chise’s power is telling as the story tries to point out that our protagonist is prone to danger without giving away too much yet. The intimidating way Elias is made to appear when Angelica questions him about Chise’s true nature also suggests that there might be some reason to worry about her being in his care.

Image of Elias covering Chise's eyes as he stops her magic

Simon’s almost intentional vagueness and the dragon rider’s mocking further point out that there is much more to Elias than viewers are aware of. All around, the curious dichotomy of danger and comfort that he represents is one of the more fascinating aspects of the series so far. As a show that is heavily centered around Chise’s experiences, it will be interesting to see how this develops.


There was so much to like in this episode and while WeekendOtaku  has already covered a lot about the introduction of new characters and more information about Elias I think my take-away from this episode was just how rich this world is that we are being drawn into along with Chise. This doesn’t feel like a world that exists only for the story being told and it isn’t a world where occasionally the writer remembers to throw something magical into it. It is a world that feels like it very well could be real, is full of small and beautiful details, and we are ever so slowly getting more of a glimpse of how this world works and how the people in it interact, and that has so far been a truly delightful viewing experience.

Whether it is the grand and ostentatious magic of Chise’s first attempt at using magic or the smaller moments of a giant lizard thing crawling into her lap, magic fills the screen and the characters (other than Chise) respond to it as though it is as natural as breathing. These characters have pre-existing relationships and histories that Chise (and by proxy the audience) are only just seeing the edge of at the moment, but all these little moments have just made the world come alive.

Image of a a ball of water forming in the air as Chise watches witha creature in her lap

Admittedly, I probably could have done without the slightly cliche apprentice gets abducted move at the end of the episode but the show is such a delight to watch that the slightly weaker story so far isn’t really a deterrent.

I was actually going to try to discuss the music this week, but clearly I’ve gotten sidetracked by shiny magic but I’ll just say that this is one of my favourite soundtracks so far this year and listening to this episode is an absolute delight. I am also really looking forward to how this show develops both its characters and the world as it goes forward.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Was it overstuffed with info or did it just  feel magical? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. I could not agree more with you both. I absolutely love this series so far. More than anything it really feels like being transported away into a magical world for a short while. There is so much going on, that at times your eyes can miss things. I love the world building elements, and even the sometimes humorous moments work. (Like Elias changing his appearance). And now we have a Dragon entering the world too: can this get any better? 😊 Another great post!

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    1. I think this show has a lot of cool stuff to show us yet. Elias world is strange and exciting, and you can see it in Chise’s face whenever she sees something new. I do like how they inject a little humor now and then too (they do this in the manga as well) but it comes across better in the anime I think.

      Thanks for reading! I think you’ll really like the next episode and I’m excited to write about it.

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  2. It was simply magical.

    Seeing Elias get flustered and confronted over his behavior around Chise was amusing, as well.
    I’m left wondering what thoughts Chise had in her head when she looked back to see Elias chatting with Angelica. Was she simply surprised at seeing him showing yet another side (because Elias sure did act differently around Angelica and the priest compared to his typical behavior)? Or was it jealousy? I’m probably thinking too much about irrelevant details once again.

    Thanks for the lovely post. 200 word anime has been great!

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    1. Leave it to you, Remy, to catch the little details.

      I’m not sure what Chise feels for Elias yet, but I think she’s a little confused/curious about the discussion because it was probably about her. She doesn’t understand what a Sleigh Beggy is and why Angelica is concerned, but you might have a point about how he acts differently around them. Chise makes note of it when they talk to Simon, after all. She’s probably trying to figure Elias out from these few interactions she’s been privy too.

      Glad you’re enjoying 200 Word Anime!

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      1. Well, thanks. You two have been doing great on everything else so I had to dig at somewhere haha.

        Mmmm good points. He is rather mysterious still, so Chise and the audience are still tilting their heads and trying to figure him out.

        It’s been really awesome!

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  3. i really liked episode 2 for the info we started to get since we were just thrown into this world in the first. since elias is always this funny little thing that turns chibi sometimes, it was really interesting to see a bit of darkness in him for awhile. i also found this episode really sad in a bittersweet kind of way? is that what you’d call it? HMMM

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  4. I do think they were going for that mix of emotions. Chibi Elias is pretty amusing and they definitely tried to make him scary for a bit when Angelica questioned him. I also thought Chise’s memories of her mother were quite sad, as is her tendency to just sort of shut that part of her life away. As Elias said though, who she was before doesn’t change that she’s with him now.


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