Your Theme in April: Postscript

April is quickly coming to an end, and so is your chance to participate in my event!  

For those of you who have been following along from the beginning, sharing your thoughts on each of these posts and playing “Your Quiz in April,” I want to express my thanks once again. Sharing this with you has been a wonderful experience and you’re wonderful people for making it that way.

For everyone else, who might have been less devoted…

I understand. We’re all busy and you will always be my pals, so I’d like to give you every opportunity to enjoy what I’ve worked on if you’re playing catch up or have might have missed this altogether.

Below you will find an index of all the posts I’ve done for the series, each one represented by its banner image because I’m fancy. Also because for the time I put into making these banners I’m determined to get some more mileage out of them.

Comment on the post and answer the quizzes to earn entries in the raffle, for which I’ll choose the winners next month. Or just play for fun 🙂 Whatever your reason, do it fast because all the quizzes will close on May 1, 2018.

Image of Kaori with her violin case draped over her shoulder
Day 1: Manic Pixie Dream Girl
Image of Kousei seeing Koari on the path while going home
Day 2: Friend A
Image of Kaori pointing at Kousei in the park
Day 3: “But you have me”
Image of Kousei sinking into deep dark water
Day 4: Bottom of the Ocean
Image of Kousei standing in front of Kaori in her hospital room
Day 5: “Can you forget it?”
Day 6: Pain
Day 7: The Yellow Eyed Cat
A photo of a young Kousei and his rivals holding their certificates
Day 8: Rivalry and Inspiration
Image of Kousei visitng his mom in the hospital
Day 9: Guilt
Image of young Kousei playing piano in a field of sunflowers
Day 10: Imagery
Image of Kousei and Kaori standing face to face in the middle of the field of fireflies
Revisiting Themes
Image of Kaori and Watari playing with sparklers while Kousei watches
Day 12: A Light in the Dark
Image of Saki hugging Kousei when they were younger
Day 13: Connection
Image of Tsubaki's feet as she walking alone
Day 14: Deceit
Image of Tsubaki and Kousei facing each other as they sit on the piano bench
Day 15: Fear of Change
Image of Nagi and Kousei standing in front of the stairs during a sunset
Day 16: Playing for Others
Image of Kousei walking with blue lights all around him
Day 17: Role Reversal
Image of Kouse and Nagi sitting together at the piano
Day 18: Not Giving Up
Pastel image of Kousei and his rivals eating a snack together
Day 19: Bringing Color
Image of Kaori holding her hand up against Kousei's
Day 20: Honesty
Image of Kaori starting to play an imaginary violin set against a snowy blue sky
Day 21: Reflection
Image of Kaori playing violin with a bright smile on her face.
Day 22: The Most Beautiful Lie


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