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Aside from my regular anime reviews and blog posts, I occasionally do special content to add some variety. Below you will find links to the Featured Content on this blog.

Current Features

Your Theme in April


A followup event to the Your lie in April re-watch I did in 2017. I point out an important theme from each episode of the anime and talk about how the show uses it to express its overall story.

Who did it Better?


A series of posts looking at anime that share an oddly specific common theme and answers the question: which anime did it better?

What’s in a Scene?


I take a deep dive into a scene from an anime series or movie that stood out to me, pointing out interesting thematic and symbolic elements which help deliver the message(s) that the scene is trying to convey.

Past Features

2016 Anime Challenge


The collection of reviews and posts covered in first project on this blog, detailing my self-imposed challenge to break my all time anime viewing record within a single year and review each series. Contains reviews and related posts.

Winter 2017 Viewing Party


My first time following all new seasonal anime. Contains a collection of episodic reviews for ten shows debuting in Winter 2017, chosen by draft and jointly reviewed by myself and KimmieKawaii from Inner Thoughts of an Extrovert.

Re-Watch under the Full-Bloom of Spring


I spent April 2017 re-watching Your lie in April alongside a great group of bloggers consisting of old and new viewers alike. Contains recaps and thoughtful discussion of each episode in the comments sections.

200 Word Anime

I teamed up with Karandi from 100 Word Anime to review Black Clover and The Ancient Magus’ Bride during the Fall 2017/Winter 2018 season. Contains a dual review for each episode in a quick read of 200 (or so…) words from each of us.

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