ēlDLIVE – Episode 8

“Something to Believe in: Part 3”


Chuuta uses his newfound abilities to try to subdue a possessed Nina and get Dr. Love back to the Jeanrenoi-R to clear Misuzu’s name. As they understand more about how remote control SPH works, Chuuta and the others determine that the culprit must be aboard the space station. A chaotic situation breaks out, with Chuuta being among the only field officers left to stop it.

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ēlDLIVE – Episode 7

“Something to Believe in: Part 2”


The ēlDLIVE officers try to apprehend the blood covered man next to Dr. Love’s body, but are surprised to learn who he really is. Just as he explains the nature of the villain they have been fighting, Ninotchka is taken over and proves herself to be more of a threat than Chuuta and Dolugh were ready for.
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ēlDLIVE – Episode 6

“Something to Believe in: Part 1”


The accusation against Misuzu has more truth to it than most realize, but Misuzu herself doesn’t know how it happened. Determined to find someone who can help her, Chips and Chuuta search for Dr. Strangelove who is also on the run from some criminals. With some help from a pair of officers from the 5th Bureau, they soon find more than they expected. Continue reading “ēlDLIVE – Episode 6”

ēlDLIVE – Episode 5

“A Pursuer From the Past: Part 2”


After blaming himself for his friend’s untimely demise, Chuuta is suddenly confronted by a ghost from his past. Mizogucchi “Gucchi” Ken survived the accident after being rescued by members from the crime organization, DeMille.  Now, he is tasked with taking down the ēlDLIVE police force, including his former friend Chuuta.  Continue reading “ēlDLIVE – Episode 5”

ēlDLIVE episode 3

“After the Shoplifter!”


When an overconfident Chuuta tries to stop a shoplifter, things take a turn for the worse. Though he is nearly consumed by his feelings of guilt, he begins to get more serious about his position with the ēlDLIVE police force.  While this is a positive step for Chuuta, not everything is as it seems.
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ēlDLIVE episode 2

“Super Cool Space Girl”


After being assigned to a night shift aboard the Solar System District Station, Misuzu gives Chuuta a tour of the ship, which he learns houses the alien prisoners they apprehend. Shortly after their shift begins, a prisoner breaks free from its cell and teleports to Earth. The goal? To kill as many people as possible. Misuzu and a reluctant Chuuta are tasked with apprehending the creature before any tragedy can occur. Continue reading “ēlDLIVE episode 2”


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