Onihei – Episode 13



A thieving ring that Omasa is familiar with is discovered to be behind a string of violent crimes in Edo. Having once shared a romance with the assumed successor of the group, Omasa refuses to believe her former lover is the one responsible
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Onihei – Episode 12

“The Audacious Fellow”


While making an arrest one night, Koyanagi returns to find his wife and newborn have both perished during childbirth. Despite his grief, he saves the wife and child of the man he arrested for murder when she tries to kill herself out of despair. Believing her story about her husband being a good man, Koyanagi takes a risk in freeing him to find the true killer.
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Onihei – Episode 11

“The Man from the Past”


A man from Hisae’s past demands to see her, threatening to expose a shameful secret if she doesn’t comply. Hisae proves stronger than to allow herself to be bullied, but the man’s allies kidnap Ojun to prove how serious he is. With Heizo out of town, the rest of Arson/Theft Control springs into action to recover the young girl. Continue reading “Onihei – Episode 11”

Onihei – Episode 10

“The End of Wasuke of Dojo”


When Ojun pesters her father for a story, Heizo decides to recount a tale about the “working thief” Wasuke of Dojo. Though he has long given up on his days of thievery, a man approaches him about some work he did while building the Kozuya paper storehouse. Wasuke is determined to live an honest life, but his heart becomes hardened in the face of a grave injustice. Continue reading “Onihei – Episode 10”

Onihei – Episode 9



Seeing his dissolute and unruly son reminds Heizo of his younger days and the things he learned from a master swordsman. Once a troubled and disreputable young man himself, Heizo struggled with getting along with his family and proving himself as a swordsman. When he learns of Matsuoka’s similar background, he is inspired to improve.  Continue reading “Onihei – Episode 9”

Onihei – Episode 7

“Clay Pot Smashing Boy”


Arson Theft Control struggles to investigate Gohei Ishikawa, a member of a notorious clan led by Shinbei the Viper. Heizo recognizes him from his younger days as a troublesome child by the name of Otomatsu who suffered frequent abuse from his step-father. When Gohei witnesses Heizo’s idyllic home life, he is filled with a desire for the Onihei to understand his pain. Continue reading “Onihei – Episode 7”

Onihei – Episode 6

“Secret Theft Tactics”


On a journey to see his father’s grave, Hasegawa makes his way through Enshu where he happens upon a couple trying to escape the local authorities. Though he is duty bound to hand them over, a thief named Zenpachi convinces him that their master is a crooked man. Pretending to be a thief himself, Hasegawa helps Zenpachi plan a robbery. Continue reading “Onihei – Episode 6”

Onihei – Episode 4

“Blood Battle”


A old acquaintance, Omasa, visits Heizō to reveal that she was the inside person for a household robbery. She discloses that the group, is planning another robbery; prompting Heizō to ask her to spy for him. When she’s found out by the criminals while tracking the thief Genpachi to his next hit, it’s up to Heizo to see that she lives through the ordeal.

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