Onihei – Episode 3

“The Evil Scent of the Hakubaiko”


Working as an assassin while pursuing the man who murdered his father years prior, Ronin Kaneko agrees to take out Heizo in exchange for a lucrative sum of money. While boarding in Edo, Kaneko meets a timid servant, Osaki. Inspired by her kindness, Kaneko decides to get out of the business of murdering for money, after he finishes this last hit of course.

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Onihei – Episode 2

“Honjo, Sakura Estate”


Reports of criminal activity in Honjo lead Hasegawa to recall his younger days at the Ginhei Takasugi dojo with his friend Tetsu Samanosuke, with whom he trained in swordfighting and rivaled for the affections of a young woman. His encounter with old acquaintances leads to information about the criminal and extortion activities at the Hattori estate, leaving Hasegawa responsible for preventing a planned slaughter.

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