Anime Challenge Progress

To help keep track of the progress I’ve made for my anime challenge this year, I’ve made a handy graphic which you can find below. Continue reading “Anime Challenge Progress”


So why Anime? Also, what is Anime?

Some who know me but aren’t particularly aware of my otaku side might be wondering what I see in this form of television entertainment that is widely recognized as anime. Those same people might have some questions as to what makes anime different from other animated works more commonly referred to as cartoons. I’ll attempt to answer these questions in an organized manner, but don’t be surprised if I get a little scattered.

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A weekend otaku starts a blog

Hello, dear reader, and welcome to my blog – Weekend Otaku. Those of you that possess sufficient knowledge of English idioms and commonly anglicized Japanese words might understand its meaning right away. You might have to be an anime fan to understand my tagline or the image of furious pen writing above. Either way, a short explanation should make it clear to anyone who might need a little help.
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