Spiritpact – episode 10

“Never Let Go, Never…”


Keika’s fateful decision allows Rakugetsu to take over his body and threaten to unleash his evil once again. Ki makes a last ditch effort to stop him, leaving Keika to decide between the afterlife and returning to Ki’s side. With Ritsu poised to take his revenge and evil spirits looming, the fate of the world rests on the bond between the Youmeishi and his Spirit Shadow. Continue reading “Spiritpact – episode 10”

Spiritpact – episode 9

“The Final Decision”


Desperately trying to escape from Ritsu, Ki frees Keika from the distance restriction he placed on him and begs his spirit shadow to save himself. Meanwhile, back at the Tanmoku mansion the tension increases as the seal on the evil spirits weakens well before the designated time. With everything on the line Keika makes a decision not to run anymore. Continue reading “Spiritpact – episode 9”

Spiritpact – episode 8

“Turbulence with a Chance of Dilemma”


After Keika awakens a power hidden within the Rakugetsu Sword, he begins taking on the form of his ancestor, You Nei. When it is clear that the tables have turned against him, In Tetsu retreats. After Ki regains consciousness, he seeks out his former Master to find out more about the Rakugetsu Sword. Meanwhile, the Shito family moves to interrupt Jiun’s plans. Continue reading “Spiritpact – episode 8”

Spiritpact – episode 6

“A Kind Sigh”


Seven days after Keika’s death, the people who were closest to him in life offer prayers for his spirit to find peace. Ki takes him to witness this, but Keika is dismayed when he learns that his friends are being targeted by thugs.  On top of lamenting the fact that his time among the living is over, Keika disturbing visions of the Rakugetsu Youmeishi may spell great danger for Ki.  Continue reading “Spiritpact – episode 6”

Spiritpact – episode 5

“Forever Together with You”


The purification ceremony proceeds as planned, but is interrupted when the head of the Shito family demands justice for her dismissed cousin. Ki silences all doubts when he chooses to spiritually bind Keika to himself, thereby giving him the protection of the Tanmoku name. Keika comes to understand Ki’s daily life afterward as he follows him to meetings and school.  Continue reading “Spiritpact – episode 5”

Spiritpact episode 3

“Beware of Sleeping Together!”


During a trip to Ki’s Mount Ura estate, Keika comes to understand how important the exorcist’s position really is. After being introduced to Ki’s family, who are intrigued by his choice of spirit shadow, Keika begins to question his purpose as a spirit shadow. A surprise visit from a pair of powerful spirits opens his eyes to the danger involved and reveals that not everyone under his mater’s protection is on his side.

Continue reading “Spiritpact episode 3”

Spiritpact episode 2

“What Attracted You to Him?”


After entering into a pact with Ki, Keika becomes his spirit shadow and follows him around to assist him with his work. Their first job isn’t to exorcise another demon, but to pick up a woman at the airport. The beautiful Shin Shiyou has some connection to Ki as well, which Keika discovers along with some surprising secrets.

Continue reading “Spiritpact episode 2”

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