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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid – Episode 7

“Summer’s Staples! (The Fanservice Episode, Frankly)”


Kobayashi takes Tohru and Kanna to the beach so they can make the most of the summer season. Tohru considers what a ‘normal’ life is and talks to Kobayashi about her family. Later they cover for Takiya at Comiket when two of his partners fail to show up where Tohru is amazed and inpsired by the huge turnout. Continue reading “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid – Episode 7”

ACCA: 13 Territory Inspection Dept. – Episode 7

“The Truth Emerges in the Night Mists”


Jean wonders about all the conspiracy surrounding him as an audit in Dōwā leads to an unexpected meeting with the king. While Prince Schwann finds out more about the accident which claimed his mother’s life, Mauve’s spies uncover a startling secret about Jean that changes everything.

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ēlDLIVE – Episode 7

“Something to Believe in: Part 2”


The ēlDLIVE officers try to apprehend the blood covered man next to Dr. Love’s body, but are surprised to learn who he really is. Just as he explains the nature of the villain they have been fighting, Ninotchka is taken over and proves herself to be more of a threat than Chuuta and Dolugh were ready for.
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Spiritpact – episode 7

“Unbeatable Spirit”


After finding Ki at the scene of his accident, he’s taken home for a healing ceremony rather than the hospital. Jiun takes responsibility for the Tanmoku household in the meantime and orders Keika be restrained. Ki’s fiancee releases him from his prison, but Keika’s ordeal is far from over as Sennen Yoko reappears.  Continue reading “Spiritpact – episode 7”

Masamune-kun’s Revenge – episode 7

“The Tsunade Islands Incident”


Aki is planning a trip to her family’s island resort and ends up being forced to invite her classmates. Warned by Yoshino that he needs to make a move on Aki quickly, Masamune plans to ‘save’ her during a test of courage, but her father’s secretary has a different idea in mind.  Continue reading “Masamune-kun’s Revenge – episode 7”

Scum’s Wish – Episode 6

“Welcome to the X-Dimension”



After Hanabi and Mugi decide to become a true couple, their admirers are less than receptive. Hanabi struggles with the precarious state of her friendship, as Ecchan refuses to give up the intimate relationship between them. When insecurities over Akane and Kanai’s relationship begin to consume her, Hanabi decides to seek revenge.

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Onihei – Episode 6

“Secret Theft Tactics”


On a journey to see his father’s grave, Hasegawa makes his way through Enshu where he happens upon a couple trying to escape the local authorities. Though he is duty bound to hand them over, a thief named Zenpachi convinces him that their master is a crooked man. Pretending to be a thief himself, Hasegawa helps Zenpachi plan a robbery. Continue reading “Onihei – Episode 6”

Winter 2017 Week 6

As we head into the second half of Winter 2017 season, some series have managed to fall from glory, while others have risen to the occasion. The time for developing characters and back stories is over, as dramatic structure dictates the narrative head towards a riveting climax.  Continue reading “Winter 2017 Week 6”

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid – Episode 6

“Home Visit! (And Homes Not Visited)”


While Kanna attends a play date at Riko’s house, Kobayashi and Tohru tag along to meet Georgie, Riko’s ‘maid.’ Naturally, Kobayashi and Georgie instantly bond over their maid obsession, leading to Torhu feeling left out. Later, the show focuses on Lucoa and Fafnir and how they are getting on in the human world. The question to be answered in this episode is: “who knows what you’ll summon when you cast a magic net?” Continue reading “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid – Episode 6”

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