Scum’s Wish – Episode 10

“Fragile and Empty”


Mugi becomes more serious about Akane and demands a date with her, but she cheerfully declines with the excuse that it’s Kanai’s day. Boredom and confusion over Kanai sees Akane consider breaking it off with him, but his reaction to learning her secrets perplexes her even more. As Mugi begins to understand his own insecurities, he becomes even more insistent toward Akane. Continue reading “Scum’s Wish – Episode 10”

Scum’s Wish – Episode 5

“Destruction Baby”


Hana and Mugi recall their younger days, reflecting on how they shaped the way they feel in the present. Coming to a mutual understanding that they may not be special to one another, they toy with the idea of forgetting all their reservations about intimacy. Meanwhile, Akane grows disinterested in Narumi until he accidentally gives her another reason to hurt Hanabi.   Continue reading “Scum’s Wish – Episode 5”

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