Halloween Projects with the Super Otaku Busters

The Super Otaku Busters (me, KimmiKawaii, and Mozart) decided to put in a little extra effort for this occasion and carve some anime themed pumpkins in honor of starting our anime blogs earlier this year. Well… KimmieKawaii and I did. Mozart simply slept after once again failing to raise the funds for this project.

Thanks, Mozart

This is the first year that we’ve done anime themed pumpkins and the first time I tried something other than simple cutouts, so please be gentle with criticism. I’m also very bad at taking pictures as you might see, though the roundness of the pumpkins doesn’t help when trying to get a good angle.

KimmieKawaii did Sailor Moon. It’s hard to see in this light, but she added a lining of glitter around the moon for a bit of added shimmer.

So kawaii!


I tried my hand at Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, based on a picture of one someone else did.

Nailed it..?

These detailed designs took us forever because we’re complete amateurs, but they were fun to do nonetheless. The compliments we received from our trick-or-treaters made the time spent well worth the effort.

Did any of your carve pumpkins for Halloween? Have you ever tried to master a difficult design? What do you think would make for an interesting carving in the future?

9 thoughts on “Halloween Projects with the Super Otaku Busters

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  1. I knew you were talented and the pumpkin is amazing! I am overjoyed to see it rubbing off on Kimberly. I see Mozart was no help, but he is still inspiration. I am sure compliments were plentiful. Love both pumpkins!


  2. Wow….these look absolutely stunning. You say in your posts thst you are amateurs, well erm you could have fooled me. Great stuff. A friend of mine also carves them, but they pale in comparison to yours. (And I am sure she would rip me head off if I told her that lol 😀)


  3. Wow, those are amazing, and in no way do they look amateur! The fact that you used a simple photo as a guide tells me that! Adding glitter, how clever! It’s a shame these masterpieces will have to live in on pictures. Next year…the entire League of Legends?


      1. I have no experience in carving pumpkins which is why I can’t give any advice, haha.

        But thanks for sharing your carvings. Hopefully some carving experts can drop by, too, but I don’t think you two really need it.

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