A Super Special Awesome “Thank You!!”

A few weeks back, pokeninja90 (Naja) hosted a “Super Special Awesome Giveaway!!” I was lucky enough to win the raffle, and got the “Super Special Awesome Prize!!” in this past week!

According to Naja, The Super Special Awesome Giveaway!! was a way to thank her friends for their support of her and her blog. The prize she had in mind was really something special because, in addition to being a super entertaining blogger and one of the nicest people you could meet, she’s highly talented at crocheting.

A picture of three crocheted anime dolls
Don’t take my word for it. The work speaks for itself!

So the prize was to be custom made amigurumi doll, knitted by Naja herself, in a design of the winner’s choosing. What a great opportunity!

After some thought, and despite my attempts not to play favorites, Kimmie convinced me to choose a likeness of Kaori Miyazono for the doll. Naja happily accepted the challenge and worked hard on making it just the way I wanted. She really did a fantastic job, and even made some last minute adjustments at my request. My pictures hardly do her work justice, but here’s what she sent:

A picture of a Kaori amigurumi with a handwritten card and knitted pokeball

Everything on the doll looked awesome, from her messy hair and the bang I insisted she have to the school uniform right down to her tie. I think Naja really captured Kaori’s likeness all around, and I was so excited to see it after all the progress photos she shared. To top it all off, because SHE is awesome, she sent me a pokéball as an extra gift!

The work was so well done that I’m sure I’ll want another doll from her. Maybe a certain Friend A to accompany Ms. Miyazono?

Kaori smiling cheerfully


Once again, a big thank you to Naja from Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. The gift was everything I hoped for and more!

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  1. That is so seriously awesome 😀😀😀 You are so lucky to have won this, and I could not agree with you more: she really did an absolutely amazing job on this. The details are seriously cool, like the tie for the school uniform. How awesome is that?!?. Congratulations again 😊😊

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