Spring is Coming

Spring has a special significance to me, thanks in part to one particular anime. Read on to see why I bothered to post about this in the first place.

Depending on where you live (I see you, Australia) the title of this post might be incredibly mistimed, but in the USA (where I live) and Japan, Spring begins in the latter half of March. The first day of Spring has already passed though, so “April is coming” might have been a more apt title considering the purpose of this post. It’s hard for me to resist memes though.

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Ahem, yes. So on to the purpose.

Last year, I and a group of amazing people observed the “Full Bloom of Spring” through a Your lie in April re-watch event that I hosted here on this blog. You can find all the posts I wrote for last year’s re-watch here, along with tracks from the OST and the great commentary from my fellow viewers for each episode of the series.

This year, I hoped to undertake something special once more to commemorate the namesake of this incredible series. To figure out just what that something special is though, I’m reaching out to all of you.

“Before you fingers touch the keys, you must determine in your mind how you want to play it.”

-Anton Rubinstein

Image of Kaori telling the quote with her finger up

How do you want this April to go?

Do you want to re-watch the series with me again? I’m going to watch it anyway, and would be happy to have even one other person along for the ride.

If we re-watch, what might you want me to cover in semi-daily posts?

I have some ideas in mind, along with a contest to give out some more prizes like last year, but I want to hear from all of you as well. Your participation is what really made last year memorable and I would love to capture the magic again. Most of all I just want excuses to talk about Your lie in April.

Leave a comment and let me know your ideas, or just tell me if you’re excited to do anything at all. It will also help me gauge how much interest there is in doing a blog event, as I’m much more likely to put in my maximum effort if there are many people involved.

Image of the four characters sailing through the air on two bicycles

I also gave the blog a face lift last year, and though I’ve been using the same Gravatar ever since, I do plan to replace the “One Hell of a Blog” theme again for something more seasonally appropriate. Be sure to visit the full site to see it if you’re reading this on WordPress Reader.


16 thoughts on “Spring is Coming

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  1. Yasss!! I’ve been waiting to hear if your doing this again! I’m also getting into this idea of watching YLIA yearly in April *sigh* count me in if u do, but I’m not sure what should be discussed this time around….hmmm

    Liked by 4 people

        1. Probably around April 7 or 8. When are you traveling?

          Since you’ve seen it before you won’t miss out on much if you’re out for a bit. Also you caught up just fine last time 😀


  2. Another rewatch would be cool! I could actually do it to completion this time (I hope lol) I like character studies and plot studies a lot, so maybe focus more on the themes of the characters instead of the overall themes of the show? Can’t think of any other events for April either, but some other event would be cool!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Crystal! Yes, I hope we can watch it together this year. Your idea is similar to what I wanted to do, so I’m glad to hear there is interest in that. I will try to focus on the characters a bit more too.

      Liked by 1 person

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